Olive groves open 2022“The Paths of Riviera Ligure PDO Olive Oil” are born alongside tastings, concerts, visits to olive groves and oil mills, hiking and biking trails, educational workshops and cultural events

The second edition of “Oliveti Aperti,” the national event created by the Ligurian Riviera PDO Olive Oil Protection Consortium, in collaboration with the Qualivita Foundation, and the support of the Liguria Region to engage citizens and tourists in the traditions of Ligurian heroic olive growing, will be held on the weekend of June 18-19, 2022. Special guest will be Ligurian comedian Dario Vergassola, who will accompany the storytelling in the field, discovering the secrets of one of the area’s products of excellence, and the visit to historic places and symbols such as the ‘muretti a secco’, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2018.

It is with these goals in mind that the 28 member companies of the Protection Consortium, located throughout Liguria, from West to East, will offer tourists numerous types of experiences under the banner of PDO oil and its territory. The different types of experiences include trekking and biking routes, visits to olive groves and olive presses, PDO oil and local products tastings, art and culture itineraries, educational workshops, and cultural and food and wine events.

There are many new features from the companies in this edition: these include Agriconcerto, herbal workshops, Aperitolio and Jazz Concerts via the bioenergetics and tree hugging class. Added to these is an extraordinary trekking route in the Cinque Terre National Park along the Manarola circuit to discover the traditional agricultural landscape. Thanks to the Liguria Region, Liguria Gourmet and participating restaurants will also lend their support through the “Bread and Oil” initiative that will enliven the ten days preceding Oliveti Aperti with DOP oil tastings.

Thanks to the Protection Consortium and the Italian Association of Environmental Hiking Guides, 13 unprecedented “Riviera Ligure PDO Oil Walks” will also be inaugurated, to be walked among the region’s historic olive-growing landscapes accompanied by expert guides, before tasting the traditional products offered by the farms.

Reporting on this second edition will be a select group of national and international journalists engaged in a press tour dedicated to discovering the olive groves and oil mills of the Consortium companies, but also the main cultural elements of the Riviera Ligure PDO oil production area.

To promote the event, in addition to a major digital communication campaign, the Consortium of Protection has carried out three important moments: promotion at the Tour of Italy with an information point in collaboration the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Origin Italy; a partnership with Eataly in stores in Milan and Turin during the oil weeks at the turn of May and June; and finally to from June 1 until June 15, the bike tour “Waiting for Oliveti Aperti” which through the watchful eye of director Leonardo De Mai will tell about all the companies involved in the event and their initiatives through social video pills and live radio broadcasts directly from the olive groves. Fundamental also was the partnership with the “In Liguria” Agency, which, thanks to widespread action in the area, involved numerous operators related to the tourism sector.

During the initiative space will also be given to in-depth study of socio-economic issues with the contribution of Roberta Garibaldi, tourism expert and new managing director of Enit – National Tourism Agency. In fact, on the program are also two institutional events organized by the Protection Consortium to explore the topic of oil tourism: a conference on the new law on theOleotourism, which will be held in Genoa on June 17, and a panel discussion on the theme Tourism PDO together with other well-established Italian PDO PGI realities – Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI (Acetaie Aperte), Asiago PDO (Made in Malga), Parmigiano Reggiano PDO (Caseifici Aperti) – to tell how companies can enhance the tourism experience of the certified supply chain.

Information and program at www.olivetiaperti.it