Above Coldirodi
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Going up from the village of Coldirodi, developed on the ridge between Sanremo and Ospedaletti, right on the edge of the terraces, you can observe the passage between the coastline, terraces and scrub.

The crops, once citrus fruit, olive trees, vines and wheat, which have been replaced by greenhouse floriculture, are now in the process of further transformation. In a very varied situation, including disused greenhouses, new crops, orchards and vineyards, some innovative companies show strong dynamism and the ability to reinvent themselves.

Above the motorway the landscape changes instead: the terraces are interrupted and the woods and the Mediterranean scrub appear with some outcropping rocks.


Routes and places to visit :
Wide network of trekking routes with great panoramic views, towards Coldirodi and Seborga, overlooking the French coast. Going up, the driveway reaches the town of San Romolo.
To visit in Coldirodi : Rambaldi picture gallery and library, lookout point for the Sanctuary of the Pilgrim Madonna, Carmelo monastery (Arch. Giò Ponti – 1958) towards Sanremo. A local company offers a surprising tasting of peculiar chillies.
To visit in Seborga : church of San Bernardo and historical center of the “Principality”, with the ancient doors, Palazzo dei Monaci, which contains the mint of luigini, museum of musical instruments. Some farmhouses offer educational activities on the farm and cultural and sensory itineraries among ancient olive trees, to discover the history of the territory.

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