Fortified village
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The fortified village, built on a terraced promontory between two valleys, is surrounded by vineyards, crossed by pergolas and citrus gardens, which then fade
in the olive groves. Under the houses of the village there are the so-called “lone”, an interesting underground system of cisterns and tunnels, to collect rainwater.

Towards the east you reach Cervo, with the historic center perched and the church of the Corallini: behind the valley of Villa Faraldi is characterized by terraced olive groves.


Routes and places to visit:
Several paths connect the Dianese villages and two roads lead to the Impero valley: the lowest reaches Imperia near the garden of Villa Grock (museum of the clown), the one further upstream, for the Grillarine pass, crosses footpaths, cycle paths and bridleways.

Interesting trekking routes to Pizzo d’Evigno and along the ridge between valle di Diano and valle Steria. There are also interesting trails in the Ciapà park, on the promontory above Capo Cervo.
Vermentino is the main grape variety, to which the “Premio Vermentino” summer event is dedicated. Wine tastings are possible in some cellars and oil tastings in mills and farms.

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