Foreign bloggers on the road-balcony Imperia Riviera dei FioriAs part of the Interreg-Alcotra Progamma and the Piter PaysagesPays Aimables project, the Chamber of Commerce of the Rivieras of Liguria – a partner in the project – will host four bloggers from the Netherlands, France and Italy. Bloggers will travel the Imperia Riviera dei Fiori Balcony Road from May 23 to 26, recounting their experience through social profiles featuring an international audience. A few details about the Program The route will start on the morning of the 24th from the “Funtanin” in Ventimiglia, with a tour of the village, and then continue to the “Curva del Marzocco” where a short walk will be taken to fully admire the view. Being in the Sanrem area, the Floriculture District has been involved, which, in collaboration with a floral designer, will illustrate the economic sector in question, offering a demonstration of a flower arrangement composed of the area’s renowned flowers. Continuing on, the balcony of “Castellaro” will be reached and the village and its surroundings will be visited, and then head to Badalucco, a place where a local company will offer the experience of visiting an ancient oil mill and tasting typical local products. Overnight stay in the heart of the Argentina Valley, the birthplace of the prized Taggiasca olive, as well as, a true oasis of peace. On the morning of the 25th the tour will continue to Ranzo and Bonfigliara to visit the balcony “La Torretta,” on the border with Piedmont, in the middle of the Arroscia Valley. After walking the vineyard path, we will head back toward the sea to visit the balcony and the village of “Diano Castello” and then head to a typical location where a sommelier will offer a masterclass of the wines of the area. A tasting dinner will take place in the evening at one of the most scenic sites in the area. On the morning of the 26th, we will set off for “Monte Acquarone” and Lucinasco, where an expert oil taster will present Riviera Ligure DOP extra virgin olive oil through a masterclass-organized by the Consorzio di Tutela dell’olio Riviera Ligure DOP. After visiting a well-known local farm, the tour will end at the balcony of “Santa Brigida” on the heights of the city of Imperia. All photographic and video material created will also be made available to the project for a targeted promotion campaign on social media. Some details about the Bloggers: Jessica Schots – from the Netherlands Blog 400 thousand unique readers, 250 thousand per month (
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) Twitter 6 thousand Pietro Ienca Gazzolo Blog: Instagram page: 27.7 thousand followers ( Private Instagram page: 75.2 thousand followers (
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